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Are you ready to pursue a certification through NCCAP?

Welcome To NCCAP Academy

NCCAP Courses provide the knowledge and skills to deliver life-enriching activities across all long-term care settings.


From aging in place at home, to assisted living and adult day, to skilled nursing and hospice, our curriculums ensure the highest quality person-centered care.


They also provide an entry point and career path for those interested in becoming a healthcare professional delivering the Social Model of Care.


NCCAP Courses are designed for all frontline and direct support staff. The competencies learned ensure all staff promote a community-wide culture of person-centered, resident-directed care.


Further, our curriculums can be used to meet educational, training and in-service requirements or to demonstrate proof of competency to Regulators.


NCCAP’s Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals, or MEPAP, is the instructional foundation for these curriculums. MEPAP was created by NCCAP to meet the highest level requirement accepted by CMS.

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