Anita Dunlap, ACC

Anita is a Washington state based certified activity consultant with more than 40 years of long term care experience. She has been an approved MEPAP 1&2 instructor for the past 25 years and has extensive experience in online instruction. She is the owner of 5SensActivities which provides sensory products as well as education for activity professionals. Her background in early childhood education and long-term care experience provide a great basis for teaching the Montessori Home Engagement Certification Class.

Anita was born and raised in Germany and moved to Washington State in 1979 and she studied early childhood education with an emphasis in special education in Nurnberg Germany. She began her professional career in the US as a nursing assistant in a nursing home, building up experience as a restorative aide, activity director and restorative supervisor.

Following these experiences, she worked as the corporate activity consultant for Beverly Enterprises, Western Division in WA, ID, CA and HI and became certified with NCCAP as activity consultant.


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Activity Professional Certified Course

APC is the entry level Certification that ensures an individual has the knowledge and skills to work in an Activities Department. APC Certification validates the competencies to deliver person-centered care that enhances quality of life, physical and cognitive function, and psychosocial well-being.