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Clinical and Curriculm Advisory Board

NCCAP relies on the academic and educational expertise of our external Curriculum Advisory Board to ensure the quality and consistency of our Certification Standards and Curriculums.

The Advisory Board is composed of subject matter experts and educators from a wide range of specializations across the aging, long-term care and person-centered care and services. It also includes expertise in the training and development of the frontline and direct support workforce across the continuum of care

Beth Blaufuss. Vice President for Strategic Initiatives for the Partnership Schools

Beth Blaufuss currently serves as the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives for the Partnership Schools, an innovating network of schools in the South Bronx and East Harlem.  Her work includes a focus on adult learners, deploying best-in-class strategies for long-lasting and impactful teacher and principal development.  She has consulted with a variety of non-profits on strategic capacity building, program design and curriculum development, all focused on new ways of bringing advanced learning to diverse settings.  Her recent work includes an effort to spread A.P. courses in rural schools; initiatives to empower refugee camp residents and individuals with dementia using Montessori approaches to learning; and developing all-girls public charter high schools that combines career preparation and International Baccalaureate academics.  Based in the DC area, Beth serves a diverse client base across the US.

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